Fox News Channel founder Roger Ailes dies aged 77

FOX News would have an explicitly conservative take to its coverage. It has had a mixed relationship with U.S. President Donald Trump, a longtime friend of Ailes, but was instrumental in his election victory in November. "His quest for power consumed him".

"Either this man is insane or he has the biggest set of balls I've ever seen", Murdoch is widely quoted as having said of first meeting Ailes. Concluding that viewers would never warm to Nixon, nor would the media establishment, Ailes struck a winning formula by packaging him in comfortably staged TV town-hall meetings as a man whose intelligence the audience would respect. The tragedy is the impact he had on political campaigns, the democratic process and the nation.

"I was stunned", Blank said.

"When Roger supported Eisenhower it was like, 'oh my god, a Republican, are you kidding me?'" said Papalas, a retired police officer. After a falling out, the two men mended fences in 2016, when Ailes jumped on the Trump bandwagon. What's more it's influential: a recent Pew study found 20% of users have "modified their stance on a social or political issue because of material they saw on social media".

GREENE: All right, speaking this morning about the death of Roger Ailes at the age of 77 who created Fox News.

Fox personalities including Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham are remembering Roger Ailes. Roger Stone was tasked with keeping tabs on my reporting, and Steve Bannon published hit pieces on Breitbart about me. Traditional anchors such as Shep Smith, Chris Wallace and Bret Baier enabled Fox to maintain credibility as a news organization. So terrified was Ailes of the prospect of an unauthorized biography that he commissioned an alternative one by Rush Limbaugh's biographer, Zev Chafets. The truth is, Fox was always more nationalist and populist - patriotic, if you prefer - than ideologically conservative. I'll miss life, though. Ailes fired executives he thought were my sources.

Nixon, whose run for the White House had been dealt a blow eight years earlier in a televised debate against his camera-ready rival John F. Kennedy, was a challenge Ailes eagerly accepted at a moment when, as he realized better than most, TV could make or break a candidate. The allegations of sexual predation did not surprise me. Hell, yes. Do I care?

Second, Fox has gone off the deep end. "When it comes, I'll be fine, calm". He also built a toxic culture there, revealed as women came forward to accuse him of sexual harassment. "Roger was my best friend, the most wonderful loving husband and father to our son, Zachary". However, the Ailes legacy should not be about his groundbreaking efforts in politics and media, but rather his role in creating the divisive and polarized political atmosphere gripping the country today.

I also felt overwhelmed as I thought about the enormity of what I had taken on. Ailes had done things like install microphones and video monitors so he could, in a sense, monitor what employees were saying and doing during the workday. When I did, few believed me.

In an attempt to minimize his financial losses from the lawsuits, Ailes invested more than half of his severance money on a $36 million ocean-facing property at Palm Beach.

Two of the lawsuits filed against Ailes were by Former Fox News anchor Andrea Tantaros and contributor Julie Roginsky.

Whatever the accuracy of the "liberal" bias criticism that began to be aimed at broadcast news, the mission of these networks-at last as understood by those of us who worked there-was very different. The night her review of my book went online, Ailes's lawyer, Peter Johnson Jr., wrote an email to Fox colleagues that read, "Wonderful". The former Fox News chairman suffered from a preexisting condition of hemophilia that prevents blood clotting, which was a major contributor to his death.

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