Essential Links You Need So You Won't WannaCry From The Ransomware Attack

The malware spread rapidly inside computer networks by taking advantage of vulnerabilities in mostly older versions of Microsoft Windows. posted this, May 15, 2017.

Once WannaCry or other ransomware installs and locks up a victim's data, the only alternatives are: 1) restore data from clean backup systems; or 2) pay the ransom.

Unlike many other malicious programmes, WannaCry has the ability to move around a network by itself.

"Hundreds of ATMs being shut down in India is recognition of the fact that the ransomware attack which is happening globally is increasingly also looking at India". Attackers demanded ransom payment in bitcoin, threatening to destroy the data after a deadline passed. But they could all be drawing conclusions from a very small set of clues.

Aviv Grafi, CTO of Votiro, said that by not completing the vulnerability remediation for legacy systems when the patch was ready, "Microsoft made a decision to put its users at risk, as opposed to providing them with the security patches as soon as possible".

Of course, with anti-virus software, the same principle applies: Make sure to keep the anti-virus app up-to-date, too, so it blocks the latest emerging malware.

China is about to kickstart a cyber-security law the US has said could impact foreign firms in China, as it contains surveillance requirements and strict data storage laws, CNBC reported. The officials spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because they aren't authorized to speak publicly about an ongoing investigation. Security experts around the world are still wary about it; they are nearly certain that either new variants of the malware that ignore the kill switch will appear or that similar malwares by copy-cat authors will. That wasn't done here.

The most to be affected is United Kingdom's National Health Service that had to forcibly stop surgeries and treatments. The NHS said in a statement on Saturday that there was no evidence that patient information had been compromised.

Many workers, particularly in Asia, had logged off on Friday before the malicious software, stolen from the US government, began proliferating across computer systems around the world. "Microsoft would have known that this was a wormable vulnerability, much like Blaster and Sasser in the early 2000s, and could have taken steps to release a patch and an advisory to out-of-support customers earlier", Cran told SearchSecurity. "This group might be behind WannaCry also".

"Financial spying by the NSA is probably the most important and least liberty-infringing bulk-style program possible - and I doubt anyone outside the targeted countries would have a problem with the NSA spying on foreign WMD and missile programs", Weaver wrote. The ransomware campaign was unprecedented in scale according to Europol, which estimates that around 200,000 computers were infected across 150 countries. Whatever its source, it was published on the internet last month by a hacker group called ShadowBrokers.

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