DeVos Budget Brings Class War to the Classroom

Trump and De Vos education cuts “reckless and wrong”

Protesters against Betsy De Vos gather outside Jefferson Middle School in Washington Feb. 10. AP

At the federal level, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos seems more interested in selling our students to the highest bidder than in creating a high-quality education for all United States citizens.

The $10.6 billion cut for education in the 2018 Trump budget is irrational and unsafe ("Trump's first education budget: Deep public school cuts in pursuit of school choice", May 17).

In return, the administration wants to put $1.4 billion to expand charter schools and vouchers, and for grants to encourage so-called school choice policies in public schools. It would also cut funding completely for a program that helps schools pay for mental health services, anti-bullying initiatives, physical education and science and engineering instruction, among other things. Perkins loans benefitting disabled students would be cut by $700 million. Another $490 million would be cut from the work-study program.

DeVos never attended public school.

That $400 million gift isn't just about "school choice".

Back in March, preliminary numbers were disclosed, which included $1.2 billion in cuts to summer- and after-school programs and $2.4 billion in cuts for teacher training, the Atlantic reported. Grants for career and technical education would be cut by $168 million; paired with the cuts to college financial aid, such cuts will drastically reduce options for a significant number of students who wish to pursue either a university degree or a career in the skilled trades.

The new education budget should not be a surprise.

Under the administration's budget, two of the department's largest expenditures in K-12 education, special education and Title I funds to help poor children, would remain unchanged compared to federal funding levels in the first half of fiscal 2017.

Politico is reporting that the speech will outline Trump Administration plans for school choice and federal tax breaks for parents that send their children to private or religious schools. As if colluding with Russian Federation weren't bad enough, Trump wants your kids' education to suffer, and the intrepid reporters at the tabloid Post are on the case.

Chronicle staff (WASHINGTON, D.C.) - Rep. Rick Larsen (WA-02) Thursday excoriated President Trump's proposed education budget which, according to the Washington Post, proposes to eliminate more than $10.65 billion in public education in order to funnel money into "school choice" programs. In such a way, Title I money, along with other school funds, will migrate into wealthier districts at the expense of the districts for which the program was designed. DeVos has previously characterized federally-funded public education as "arcane" and ineffective; she has also headed an organization, the Acton Institute that advocated for the repeal of child labor laws.

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