Almodovar and Smith's comments on Netflix at Cannes

Almodovar and Smith's comments on Netflix at Cannes

Almodovar and Smith's comments on Netflix at Cannes

Apparently very happy to be part of this jury presided by the huge Pedro Almodóvar, Will Smith - particularly seductive - spent a long time cuckooing and sending kisses to the onlookers who came to applaud him and his co-jurors. "They get to see films they absolutely wouldn't have seen".

But, in a country where movies shown in cinemas can not be streamed for three years, Netflix refused to arrange distribution across France - meaning "Okja", starring Tilda Swinton and Jake Gyllenhaal, and "The Meyerowitz Stories", with Ben Stiller and Dustin Hoffman, will not be seen on the big screen after their Cannes premiere.

His children, Jaden and Willow Smith, "go to the movies twice a week and they watch Netflix". "All this doesn't mean that I am not open or celebrate new technologies and opportunities, but [as long as] I'm alive I'll be fighting for the capacity of hypnosis of the large screen for the viewer".

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"There's very little cross between going to the cinema and watching what they watch on Netflix", he told the press, insisting cinema movies and Netflix fare are "two different forms of entertainment".

The Affaire Netflix, as it was coined by French press, saw outcry from cinemas because of a rule which stops movies shown in theatres from being offered on streaming services in France for three years.

After including two Netflix titles - Noah Baumbach's The Meyerowitz Stories and Bong Joon-ho's Okja - among those contending for the Palme d'Or this year, Cannes reversed course with a new rule announced last week. You must feel small and humble in front of the image that is here to capture you.

"Twelve days to discover films that make you think about the human condition today". Cannes has fought back by saying Netflix, which is in the Palme competition for the first time this year, won't be allowed into the 2018 festival unless it changes its policy.

The streaming service has been discussing possible deals, including a brief temporary theatrical release, with French exhibitors. He added that "Okja" was an "amazing film that theatre chains want to block us from entering into Cannes film festival competition". With Netflix they get the benefit to watch what they never would have seen, it brings great connectivity to them to the world.

With France still under a state of emergency due to a raft of Islamist attacks, Cannes 2017 - the festival's 70th outing - will be under tighter security than ever, but that will not dampen spirits, according to the Hollywood Reporter's Scott Roxborough. "They said that movies would become obsolete after TV came out, but they still co-exist", he said.

While filmmakers, and their movies, will be competing for a variety of prizes at the prestigious, invitation-only festival, the top film will be awarded Palme d'Or. "They get to find those artists".

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