Snap shares plummet 22% after first earnings report since IPO


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It's the first major financial event for the 6-year-old firm since listing on the New York Stock Exchange in March.

Share prices and the company's value are likely to drop in the wake of the results.

There has been a wide variety of expectations for user growth, from zero to 10%, so this may be somewhere in the middle of that range.

Snap has billed Mr. Spiegel as a brilliant product-visionary, much in the same way that Mark Zuckerberg is considered the brains behind Facebook's product.

Here's what to look out for.

The company focused on a number of positive aspects of the quarter, not surprisingly. They've gone as high as $29.44 and as slow as $18.90 since then, closing Tuesday at $23.32.

Snap's March IPO priced above the company's target range as investors put aside concerns about a lack of profits and voting rights to get a piece of the action.

Snapchat parent company Snap built a reputation for secrecy, but now, as a public company, it has to lay its cards on the table and open up the books to investors. Its stock has dropped significantly as a result, and it is down more than 22 percent in after-hours trading.

With other companies such as Facebook introducing "Snap-like" features to their existing platforms, and the hype surrounding Snap appearing to die down, investors may see the tech company's valuation dwindle to more appropriate levels over the near-term as the market attempts to correctly price the company's long-term prospects and growth rates according to new information. During the first quarter alone, Facebook's Messenger and Snap early on encouraged users to add all their friends in their mobile phone's contact book instead of only a few, "they might feel really uncomfortable creating Snaps and adding them to their Story, because they wouldn't know who was actually watching", he said. During the same period, Snapchat released a novel video-search offering. Analysts had been looking for faster growth of at least 40 percent, as an indication that Snapchat can retain its unique, young base of users. Bank of America Corp assumed coverage on shares of Snap in a research note on Monday, March 27th.

- Has Snap rectified glitches and crashes that made its Android app hard to use? Snap likes to talk about the engagement levels that Snapchat generates, with users spending an average of about 30 minutes every day, and more than 3 billion "snaps" being uploaded every day.

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