Io-Interactive Will Retain Rights to Hitman, Season 2 Coming in 2018

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Io-Interactive Will Retain Rights to Hitman, Season 2 Coming in 2018

Last week revealed that Square Enix had made a decision to dump developer IO Interactive and Hitman because we're not allowed to have nice things in life. As a result, Hitman Season 2 is officially in purgatory until it can find itself a new publisher.

According to German site, the rights to "Hitman" will stay with IO Interactive and not with Square Enix, which is deemed unusual for such to happen between a publisher and a developer.

Last year's episodic release of Hitman appeared to be a genuine sleeper hit-in critical terms it was certainly a return to Agent 47's glory days-and so it came as a real surprise yesterday when Square Enix announced its intention to sell developer Io Interactive. The second season of the game is said to be "halfway to completion" though it will "probably" go on a break for 2018.

"We cannot reveal any further details on the origin of this information, but we would like to state that the information is absolutely reliable and secure", the scribe added.

Io-Interactive is expected to release a statement on recent developments next week. It has been pointed out that Denmark, which is where the developer calls home, is currently on holiday from now through the weekend which is perhaps why it hasn't commented on the matter sooner. While fans are anxious about the future of the franchise, a rumor has made its way to the internet that will prove to be a sigh of relief for the fans of Hitman franchise. As for IO Interactive, Square Enix will flog the Danish developer off, hopefully to a company that knows how to treat the Hitman studio better and not expect insane unrealistic numbers in return for their backing.

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