Man charged with killing two doctors in Boston penthouse

Man charged with killing two doctors in Boston penthouse

Man charged with killing two doctors in Boston penthouse

But late Monday, Conley said Teixeira did not shoot at police.

Once inside the dark apartment, police were fired upon by Teixeira, Pappas said.

Because the apartment building has very strict security, including a key fob needed to get into the building or use the elevators, police believe Field and Bolanos knew the suspect.

Prosecutors said Monday that officers were responding to a report of an intruder with a gun on Friday.

"There is no evidence at this stage of the investigation that there is any relationship between them", Conley said. As family members, they adored their nieces and nephews as if their own children and always found the time to take interest in each and every one of us, no matter what was on their plate.

Prosecutors say one of two doctors had texted a friend that there was "a gunman in the house".

Prosecutor John Pappas (L) reads as Judge Michael Bolden (R) takes notes as 30-year-old suspect Bampumim Teixeira is arraigned on two counts of murder on May 8. Field had texted the friend seeking help.

After Teixeira was detained, police entered the apartment and found Field and Bolanos dead. A black bag of jewelry was also found inside. He added that they are looking in to any kind of employment Teixeira may have had in the area and how he was able to access the doctors' home.

Teixeira was held without bail on two counts of murder. His attorney entered not-guilty pleas for him.

Anesthesiologist and pain specialist Richard Field, 49, and pediatric anesthesiologist Lina Bolanos, 38, were engaged.

Teixeira sustained three gunshot wounds at the scene: in the leg, abdomen and hand.

The case returns to court on June 8.

Officers struck the man, and after a violent struggle, placed him in custody and transported him to a hospital with nonlife threatening injuries, according to a police statement.

His arraignment is scheduled for early Monday afternoon at Tufts Medical Center.

Teixeira's ex-girlfriend, who remains anonymous, told the Boston Globe that he unexpectedly called her April 22, saying she would never speak to him or see him again because he didn't plan on living for much longer. Bampumim Teixeira is charged with killing the two doctors.

Dr Bolanos was a pediatric anesthesiologist at Massachusetts Eye and Ear and an instructor at Harvard Medical School.

Speaking to the press, Conley said there was no evidence to suggest they knew each other. It could not be determined if he has a lawyer.

"The officers provided first aid to Teixeira outside the apartment, where he allegedly stated that another person would open fire on the officers if they went back inside".

Field and BolaƱos were both anesthesiologists. Dr. field was a guiding vision at North Shore Pain Management and was instrumental in the creation of this practice in 2010.

Teixeira previously served nine months of a one-year sentence for larceny when he was recently released, according to the district attorney's office. It was unclear whether he had obtained an attorney. They were found dead, bound at the hands, in their residence on the 11th floor of the condo, Fox 25 Boston reported.

Officers who showed up at the condo found a set of keys on the floor in front of the door.

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