Trump to travel to Wisconsin Tuesday

Trump to travel to Wisconsin Tuesday

Trump to travel to Kenosha on Tuesday Featured

During a stop in De Pere Monday, Walker said he appreciates a chance to see Trump talk about the economy and manufacturing jobs. According to its website the company has eight manufacturing sites in North America and employs 11,000 people worldwide.

Tool manufacturer Snap-on says President Donald Trump's visit to the company's headquarters in Wisconsin will highlight "the essential nature of American manufacturing to our nation's future".

State Rep. Tod Ohnstad told The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that Trump will visit the Kenosha headquarters of a tool manufacturer named Snap-on. He last came in mid-December as part of his victory tour.

The governors of Wisconsin and NY sent Trump a letter Tuesday urging him to take action.

The reason for Trump's visit has not been announced by the White House. Trump campaigned on the promise of returning manufacturing jobs that have been lost in Wisconsin and other similar upper Midwest states.

Trump says the order sends a "powerful signal to the world" that the US will defend its workers, protect their jobs and put America first. Ron Johnson and Gov. Scott Walker.

"In a February interview with Bloomberg, Nick Pinchuk, Snap-on chief executive officer, president and chair, praised Trump for meeting with business executives shortly after his inauguration".

Walker said he looked forward to talking privately with Trump about a trade issue that's been hurting dairy farmers both in Wisconsin and NY.

State and federal officials from Wisconsin have asked the U.S. Department of Agriculture to take action to help dairy farmers hurt by Canada's decision to impose duties on imports of a product called ultra-filtered milk.

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