Skrillex Detained By Police For Playing Music Too Loud

Watch Skrillex Get Handcuffed for Listening to Music Too Loud in His Car

Watch Skrillex get handcuffed by police for playing music too loud in his car

Colby Lila Kline shared a video of the incident on Twitter, which shows Skrillex - real name Sonny Moore - being handcuffed and put in the back of a police vehicle.

Skrillex was detained by police in Los Angeles last night (April 19) for allegedly playing music too loud in his auto. Twitter user Colby Lila Kline shared clips of the incident on her page.

It would seem Skrillex - who had been DJing at a friend's house prior to being stopped - was listening to new demos at the time, which, on the plus side, are apparently [fire emoji].

Skrillex made no attempts to hide the humorous situation and turned to congratulating Elon Musk - the man behind the producer's vehicle - via Twitter on the Tesla's incredible sound system.

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