Samsung Galaxy S8 phones launched in Qatar

Samsung Galaxy S8

Confirmed: Samsung S8 Won't Officially Support Remapping Bixby Button

Samsung has been working on its own AI-powered personal assistant to compete with the likes of Cortana, Echo, Google Assistant and Siri, and has finally announced its release alongside the new flagship galaxy devices.

Both the smartphones- the 5.8-inch Galaxy S8 and the 6.2-inch Galaxy S8+ feature Infinity Display with no bezels on the sides.

Experts said the problem could be attributable to the fact that while traditional LCD panels use red, green, and blue, the Super AMOLED adopted by the Galaxy S8 uses two pixels, red-green and blue-green.

It is not clear yet whether Samsung is changing the software on all Galaxy S8 models, but we will find out as soon as the flagship smartphone goes on sale and users share their impressions. As we're sure you will recall, Samsung's best smartphone to date was recalled previous year - twice - after some Note 7 batteries burst into flames, causing injuries and property damage in the process.

Now however, photos have leaked showing what appears to be a prototype model of the Galaxy S8+ equipped with dual-camera optics on the rear.

Samsung was quick to respond to complaints and claims this is not a display fault. However, some Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ owners weren't able to adjust the colors on their screens, as they came already optimized. However, it still remains to be seen how many customers who have placed a pre-order actually end up buying the Galaxy S8.

It also has fast battery-charging support, which means that when it runs out of juice, which will take a while before happening, users will not have to wait that long to charge it up to full battery again.

Testing prior to the launch of the S8 suggested the display is the best you can buy. This can also be intercepted by the Samsung's Accessibility Services, according to XDA Developers.

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