Minnesota dairy farms affected by US-Canada trade dispute

"Canada is not to blame for the global situation that both Canadian and American dairy farmers face", David MacNaughton said in a letter to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

"The facts do not bear this out".

Dairy industries organizations in Australia and New Zealand said Wednesday that they would support the US if it took the dairy dispute to the World Trade Organization, following Trump's declaration that existing rules are unfair, the Financial Post reported.

Dumontier says it's ironic Trump is calling Canada protectionist when it comes to dairy, noting the USA system of subsidizing farmers has created a market that's even more protectionist.

"We're not going to overreact", Trudeau said of the criticism by Mr. Trump, in the Bloomberg interview.

President Trump signed a new executive order directing companies that want to do business with the government to buy American-made products and h...

After what has been a relatively warm beginning in relations with Canada, which included what was seen by many as a positive trip to Washington by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Trump dropped the gloves on Canada's well-guarded dairy sector.

University of Toronto political scientist Grace Skogstad says that while the Canadian dairy sector is "vulnerable" to external trade pressures, it has weathered disputes before, including under the North American Free Trade Agreement.

The program, which works similarly to the Class 6 pricing program set forth by Ontario, restricts the importation of ultra-filtered milk - a protein-rich ingredient used in yogurt and cheese production.

Given the fact that Wisconsin's farmers say they suffer, too, under the new Canadian policy, Schumer, the Democratic leader from NY, said he suggested to Trump that they reach out to Ryan, the Republican leader from Wisconsin.

U.S. President Donald Trump took several shots at Canada again Thursday, complaining about its trade practices in several areas.

"President Trump and I spoke yesterday about reversing Canada's new and unfair dairy-pricing policy", Schumer said in a statement.

The US dairy industry says that agreement led to Wisconsin and NY companies losing millions of dollars in ultra-filtered milk exports due to a drop in demand for the ingredients from Canada.

Canada's dairy farmers and processors, including Saputo Inc (SAP.TO) and Parmalat Canada, struck an agreement in 2016 that industry groups elsewhere say would price domestic milk ingredients for cheese-making below cost, under-cutting their exports.

"Ultimately governors and people in the states recognize the importance of our relationship and that it's two-way, and we are going to continue to build on that", McNeil said.

"We are also going to stand up for our dairy farmers", Trump said Tuesday while discussing his "America First" policies in a speech in Wisconsin.

It's a polarizing topic among two of the leading Conservative leadership candidates, Maxime Bernier and Steven Blaney, who vehemently disagree over whether Canada's supply management system is fair.

Mr Trump has long voiced concerns about US-Canadian trade. He suggested it has stalled his attempt to renegotiate NAFTA.

"The whole thing is ridiculous".

Some Canadians agree with Trump, CBC News reports. "We're going to have to get to the negotiatiing table with Canada very, very quickly", he said.

"I'm getting more nervous because the plants are all full and they say they have nowhere for the milk to go", she said.

US policy-makers have decisions to make that will affect the northern neighbour on multiple fronts including: NAFTA, softwood lumber, the possibility of a USA import tax, and Buy American rules.

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