Meteor shower to light up WA skies this weekend

Meteor showers to be observed tomorrow

Meteor shower to light up WA skies this weekend

"Friday night's Lyrid meteor shower may be the best meteor shower for the Northern Hemisphere until the peak of the Orionid meteor shower in late October", AccuWeather reports. Unfortunately, that's about the same time skies over Western Washington are expected to start clouding up, said National Weather Service meteorologist Art Gaebel.

Up to 20 meteor "fireballs" an hour may be seen on the night of April 21 into the morning of April 22 in areas with a clear sky and low light pollution. Fireballs are meteors that become extremely bright as they burn up entering the Earth's atmosphere and can light up the entire sky for a few brief seconds.

The weather station's Space Science and Astronomy Section said the Lyrids meteor shower has been observed for more than 2,600 years. The second meteor shower of the year will peak during Saturday's early morning hours.

AccuWeather said that this will be an excellent year for viewing the Lyrids as the peak falls just a few days before the new moon and light from the moon will not interfere much with viewing conditions.

Chinese records showed that "stars fell like rain" during the meteor shower of 687 B.C. However, in recent times, the Lyrids have generally been weak.

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