Key facts as Texas governor revives push for 'bathroom bill'

On Thursday, the House Education Committee passed an amended bill, HB 549, which will bring the House measure closer to a similar proposal making its way through the Senate.

The bill defines "impeding the flow of traffic" as a situation when "the person knows or reasonably should know that he or she is being overtaken from the rear by a vehicle traveling at a higher rate of speed".

One of the biggest issues that came up was the exclusion of smokable marijuana for non-terminal patients in the bill.

The bill, which was unanimously approved by the Senate Rules Committee on Wednesday, would still make several changes to the state's assessment system in the hopes of addressing what critics call over-testing.

The Senate bill regulating medical marijuana bans smoking but allows vaping and edible consumption. This version of the bill allows carrying without a permit to any Texan at least 21 years of age with no criminal convictions, so long as they're eligible to carry under other federal and state laws.

With the changes, the House bill gets closer to SB 926, which would eliminate more end-of-course exams, extend paper testing to more grades and detach VAM from teacher evaluations. He's part of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws-or NORML. In the wake of the pill mill crisis, it was created to prevent doctor shopping. The full House can override his decision not to schedule a vote, but that would take another 60-vote super-majority.

"I'm the lawmaker that has to defend the 90-day waiting period and I can't keep apologizing for that anymore". "Well it's very clear the number of incidents where people's privacy and safety is being violated in a bathrooms is growing, we've got a list of over two pages now that are adding up and these are Texas cases", said Saenz. "Don't make the same mistake I made on some of these issues and have to be the one to look back and tell a relative, I'm sorry".

Parents in the audience also spoke against the waiting period.

"I do think that we can land in a place where, when they score the final product, it will show more rate reduction than they're scoring the Senate product at this time", Sen.

The committee passed a modified version of the bill, which requires guns to be in a holster. It could, however, face a tougher road in the state Senate, which is more focused on voucher plans that would offer state funding to students attending private and religious schools.

Catherine Baer, chairwoman of The Tea Party Network and a supporter of Flores' recess bill, complained about the amendment -- which ran more than 400 lines and was filed after the deadline for the committee meeting.

Sen. Sean Bennett wants tax reform - some cuts in income tax built into the bill that would raise the gas tax by 12-cents-per-gallon in increments of two cents for 6 years.

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