Injured soccer player: bus attack 'hardest 15 minutes of my life'

A fan holds up a scarf during the UEFA Champions League 1st leg quarter-final football match BVB Borussia Dortmund v Monaco in Dortmund western Germany

Oliseh escapes Dortmund blast

Tuchel said UEFA, the governing body of European soccer, treated the team as if a beer can had been thrown at the bus.

The match was put back to Wednesday amid a ratcheting up of security around Dortmund and in Munich where Bayern Munich took on Real Madrid.

"Thanks to the doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and people who helped me recover".

"But I saw the faces of my former players after the game and I saw the shock in their eyes and that was really hard".

Tuchel admits his side felt "powerless" about the rescheduling of the match, saying the decision was made in Switzerland where UEFA are based.

"When I saw Marc [Bartra] there and I sit next to [Marcel] Schmelzer - and I will never forget Schmelzer's face, it was unbelievable".

"They are my everything, the reason I struggle to overcome obstacles and this has been the worst of my life, an experience I would not want anyone in this world (to have)", he wrote.

It was shocking, shocking scenes, especially with one of the players seriously injured, but I think it was right that the game went ahead. "We will play for everyone... we want to show that terror and hate can never determine our actions". However, Klopp, who spent eight successful years at Dortmund, was understandably concerned for his friends.

"Last evening we felt how it was like to be in a situation like this".

"It was only when I came home yesterday and my wife and my son were standing at the door that I realised how lucky we were. Obviously there are a few people (terrorists) around who have new ideas and can you be prepared for that?" he said.

"I have a bit more experience than my players and I told them not to worry so much about it, try not to think so much about it, it does not get better", Tuchel said.

"I get goosebumps, when I was on the bus last night, I can't forget the faces, I will never forget the faces in my life, for sure", said Turkey global Sahin.

Monaco coach Leonardo Jardim said the tie was far from over, while acknowledging the match would largely be remembered for the incidents that occurred in the buildup. "It was the most hard day that I have lived in my life and I hope that nobody else has to live this day". It is a very serious thing. But in all parts of life we can only give our 100% and I'm sure everyone is doing this to give you the best security you can have.

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