Health Care Compromise Circulates As Congress Prepares to Return

Health Care Compromise Circulates As Congress Prepares to Return

Health Care Compromise Circulates As Congress Prepares to Return

Eager for a victory, the White House expressed confidence Thursday that a breakthrough on the mired Republican health care bill could emerge in the House next week.

House leadership scheduled a conference call this Saturday with rank-and-file members of the GOP to discuss the MacArthur Amendment.

"Congressional Democrats have said they will demand the CSR payments be included in the appropriations legislation that must receive a vote by Friday, April 28, the date on which the current funding legislation is set to expire", Height wrote. With special permission from the federal government, states could write their own essential health benefits and allow insurers to charge those with preexisting conditions higher premiums, as long as they also make a high-risk pool available to those patients.

"Republicans are trying to say their amendment will cover people with pre-existing conditions―because, first, the legislation still claims those people can't be denied coverage, and second, because there will be high-risk pools for those people if insurance costs dramatically go up for them", the Huffington Post article states.

Asked if a vote on the health care bill is imminent, a senior House GOP aide said "definitely not by Wednesday".

The goal would be to pressure Democrat leaders to negotiate on overhauling or repealing the Affordable Care Act, he said, but it could have more effect on insurers than politicians.

The proposal comes as Republicans are preparing to return to D.C. after a two-week recess and are hopeful they can finally get a health care deal that would bring at least 216 members of their party on board. Trump responded. "And we're doing very well on health care".

"The plan gets better and better and better, and it's gotten really, really good", Trump continued. "We have a good chance of getting it soon, I'd like to say next week, but it will be - I believe we will get it, and whether it's next week or shortly thereafter".

But they've found themselves at an impasse over the last few weeks, as moderates anxious about depriving consumers of certain health-care benefits and conservatives felt the GOP plan left too much of the Democrats' health-care law in place. Under the so-called MacArthur Amendment, states could never allow insurers to price plans based on gender or to turn away people because of pre-existing conditions.

In addition to concerns about those with pre-existing conditions, some moderate Republicans were also upset that the House bill would severely cut back funding for Medicaid, which provides health coverage for many opioid addicts. Sources revealed that 18 to 20 of those "yes" vote would be new.

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