Government must be enabler, not regulator: Modi

President of Delhi Congress women’s wing Barkha Singh resigns

President of Delhi Congress women’s wing Barkha Singh resigns

Addressing the Civil Service Day celebrations, Modi also said he has a "bit of extra" political will to carry out reforms assured bureaucrats that he would stand by them when they take decisions with good intentions. We have to bring them in one wavelength", Modi said adding, "to reform, political will is needed.

The push for reform comes from political leadership but the performance angle is determined by officers and Jan Bhagidari transforms.

# Hierarchy remains an issue- this is something we inherited from colonial rulers & we did not leave that behind in Mussoorie.

Changing trends in the last 15-20 years have altered the dynamics. He cautioned officers that the use of social media should not lead to a decline in this strength, even as social media and mobile governance are leveraged for connecting people to benefits and government schemes.

Modi conferred the Prime Minister's awards for Excellence in Public Administration to Districts and other Central and State organisations for effective implementation of Programmes and Innovation.

He, however, added that things have changed now as we enter into an era of competition. He said that the sooner the attitude of Government can change from regulator to enabler, the faster this challenge of competition will become an opportunity.

"Earlier, the role of the government, from healthcare to wanting to set up an industry, was very strong".

Citing examples of private hospital and airlines, Modi said people have been criticising public services and tend to be more satisfied by private services.

Because there were now alternatives available, the government's responsibilities have grown, he added.

"The sooner we change our working style, change our way of thinking, the better". From regulator, we need to be an enabling entity.

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