Government committed to give ''pucca house'' to all: Venkaiah Naidu

Government committed to give ''pucca house'' to all: Venkaiah Naidu

Government committed to give ''pucca house'' to all: Venkaiah Naidu

Stressing on the need for promoting rental housing stock to meet the housing needs in the context of urbanization being a continuous process and driven by migration, Shri Naidu informed that a National Urban Rental Housing Policy would be soon announced to meet the needs of migrant workers, students, single working women etc.

According to Venkaiah Naidu, PM Modi-led government has approved 17.73 lakh affordable houses in 2008 cities and towns in India ever since it came to power, while Manmohan Singh-led government could sanction only 13.82 lakh houses for 1061 cities in the 10 years it was at the centre.

While highlighting the government's pro-poor initiative to provide roofs to all families in urban areas by 2022, Naidu said the Modi government has proved itself to be a "government with a difference" as he read out how his ministry has sanctioned record number of affordable houses in the past 22 months surpassing the total record of UPA's two terms in the Centre. The earlier government during its 10 years could give approval to 13.82 lakh affordable houses.

Addressing a press conference in New Delhi, Mr Naidu said owning a pucca house is a fundamental aspiration for all citizens of the country and the government is committed to fulfill it. "We have exceeded 10 years of Congress rule by 3.9 lakh affordable houses and this is a good sign of being a government with a difference", he added.

Minister of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation M. Venkaiah Naidu on Thursday said that to promote private investments in affordable housing on a large scale, his ministry is considering to extend central assistance.

Elaborating on the strategy to meet the "Housing for All" target by 2022, Naidu said that 15 states and Union Territories were being focused on to meet the target by 2019. Other states, in the meantime, have been requested to submit their housing proposals by 2018.

Naidu has said that ever since the announcement of PMAY (Urban), 97,489 houses have been built for poor people living in urban areas. However, Gujarat is the state which has seen the maximum completion of construction of such houses. He said that under the Act, projects and Real Estate Agents have to be registered with Regulatory Authorities within three months thereafter.

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