Google Home can now recognize more than one person


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Although Google Home impressed us upon an early review, it has struggled to live up to the functionality of the Amazon Echo, which is now further along in its development. The smart speaker launched back in May previous year as Google's answer to Amazon's Alexa and the Echo but, like Amazon's system, had a big issue for those in multi-person homes.

The Trusted Home feature for Google Home was previously able to train Google Assistant to respond to the "OK Google" wake word for a primary user, and the assistant has always been able to chat with a group of users.

Google Home now supports Multi users now.

Google Home now supports up to six different accounts on one device and can distinguish between the voices of different users, the company announced on Thursday. This is clutch for everyone and anyone who asks Google Home what their daily schedule is looking like in a household.

It's another feature in a long list of features that Google Home has now acquired.

Google says the six person auto-switching profile support for Google Home will roll out in the U.S. from today; you'll see an update in the Google Home app when it's ready on your own smart speaker.

To make use of support for multiple users you'll need to do the following. Google said those phrases are analyzed by a neural network that can detect certain characteristics of a person's voice in a matter of milliseconds. Therefore, with today's update the Google Home can belong to six people.

Multi User Feature is now starts rolling out in United States only. To switch accounts, you say to the Echo, "Alexa, switch accounts" or "Alexa, switch to Taylor's profile".

Change what Google calls you by choosing Personal Info, then Nickname. Anyone in range of the Google Home will still be able to use its non-personalized features. Each person can download the Google Home app and complete the set up process from their own device.

Google also adds that the feature is not available for kids under 13. This was made known today by Yury Pinsky, Product Manager Google Assistant in a blog post.

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