Ghost Recon, Legend Of Zelda Dominate March 2017 Game Sales

Nintendo Sales Panic: March 2017 US NPD Group Results

Ghost Recon, Legend Of Zelda Dominate March 2017 Game Sales

And with the full NPD results now available to the public, we can see firsthand just how successful the Switch launch was.

Even the way chart-tracker NPD categorises games is slightly freakish, as they've decided that both Zelda and Resident Evil count as "adventures" and so have revealed that Breath Of The Wild made 54% more money than Resident Evil 7 at launch.

The NPD Group today released its report for March 2017, revealing the top 10 best-selling games of the month for the United States and other key industry facts.

It looks like Nintendo's strong launch for the Switch and Zelda is paying dividends not just for them, but for the entire industry at large- NPD is reporting (via Games Industry) that game sales in the United States in the month of March were driven to a staggering $1.36 billion, attributed primarily to the launch of the Nintendo Switch and Zelda.

As ever though the United States charts are full of omissions and caveats, with the Zelda figure not including digital sales and combining Wii U and Switch as one.

Zelda Amiibo were also big movers in March, composing 43% of "interactive toy" sales and causing a 56% year-over-year spike in Amiibo sales.

For hardware specifically, the Nintendo Switch outsold the PS4 and Xbox One in March.

"March 2017 will go down in history books as the month Nintendo broke records". Hardware sales almost doubled, to $485M, as the Nintendo Switch had the second-biggest launch for any platform in more than 20 years.

You can see all of the top-seller lists NPD shared below. Naji noted that the system "almost doubled" the total US hardware sales count for the month, to $485 million in all.

Slightly more useful information is that as a whole physical Switch software sales stood at 1.3 million units, which is apparently a record high for a Nintendo console launch.

Specifically, the Switch's Gray model was the best-selling console of March 2017, followed by the Neon Red/Blue version.

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