Divyanka Tripathi shares her opinion on Sonu Nigam's Azaan Tweet

Sonu Nigam ‘Azaan’ tweet row Randeep Hooda comes out in support of singer

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"I still remember whenever there use to be Mata ka jagrata at the Azaan time in the morning, the jagrata people use to stop for 5 mins for the Azaan to take place peacefully". A report in Hindustan Times stated that when Shivam Rai spoke in favour of Sonu Nigam he infuriated Mohammad Nagori and Faizan Khan who threatened him over the phone. After Sonu's act, the cleric said that he did not meet all the conditions.

Aly Didn't Expect Such Words From Sonu Nigam!

"That's called respect, what we have for each other and will always have". I stand by my statement that loudspeakers should not be allowed in Mosques & Temples. It tore apart the Bollywood fraternity with some standing in support of Sonu and others opposing the singer.

Summary: Darbar went on to say that Sonu Nigam should consider changing his house from that area, where the sound of azaan annoys him. She adds, "I really like those five minutes".

Earlier this week, Singer Sonu Nigam stirred controversy after going on a Twitter rant against the use of loudspeakers at Mosques, calling it "forced religiousness" and "gundagardi". He wrote on Twitter, "God bless everyone".

On 16 April, Nigam tweeted that he was against "forced religiousness". The singer recently shaved off his head after a cleric announced Rs 10 lakh as reward for any one who would shave off Sonu's head, make him wear a garland of old shoes and parade him around the country.

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