Denver Starbucks barista has meltdown over Unicorn Frappuccino

Here's Katy Perry's Review of Starbucks' New Unicorn Frappuccino

Katy Perry Becomes A Fairy With Long Blonde Hair While Drinking Unicorn Frappuccino

A Unicorn Frappuccino is a vibrant pink and blue iced drink that tastes both sweet and sour depending on how you mix up the colourful syrups with your straw. The thing has been pretty much the bane of every Starbucks barista since it was introduced, but thankfully at least the limited edition drink is only around for a couple more days.

"The Unicorn Frappuccino has been the number one Frappuccino ever".

Considering her candy-colored hair transformations and affinity for rainbow makeup, Katy Perry is about as close to the human iteration of a unicorn as it gets.

What is in it? "It is finished with vanilla whipped cream and a sprinkle of sweet pink and sour blue powder topping".

However, I certainly won't shed any tears when the Unicorn Frappuccino finds its way back from our world to its enchanted forest on April 23 (or until supplies last). According to the late-night host's spoof ad, the drink is "made with Starbucks premium coffee, pancake batter, chocolate frosting, french fries, vodka, and Lexapro - everything you need to forget about life for six minutes".

Starbucks fans began buying the drink Wednesday, and it will be available until the end of the week while supplies last.

What does a Unicorn Frappuccino taste like? . After initial reactions hit the internet from customers, baristas got in on the action, telling people not to get the drink.

"I couldn't handle drinking my own blood", she captioned the image.

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