Cleveland Browns: Joe Haden Should Want Myles Garrett on His Defense

Did Myles Garrett tip off he will be Browns No. 1 pick?More

Did Myles Garrett tip off he will be Browns No. 1 pick?More

The Browns refuse to answer questions about specific rumors, and fans would be apt to remember there were few connecting the team to wide receiver Corey Coleman in the build up to the 2016 NFL Draft. While one club may highly value a player, that doesn't mean all clubs do. The crop of college quarterbacks has been evaluated, interviews and processed endlessly since. They also could look to acquire one in a trade with their treasure trove of picks, with the Patriots' Jimmy Garoppolo being a popular name on the Browns' radar, despite reports the Patriots won't move him.

Out of all the teams in the draft, the Cleveland Browns and Tennessee Titans are poised to improve on last season as both teams have two first round picks. "We were impressed by him".

That comment came at the beginning of the conference that also hinted the Browns would not be adding a veteran free agent quarterback and they may also be leaning toward taking a quarterback with one of their picks next weekend. "Positive young man", Brown said, via

So there is no gray area, Brown was asked if a deal could happen before next week's draft.

"Could we in theory? Yes".

It's one of the reasons why I'm convinced that Myles Garrett will be a Brown. I'm tough on them because like all of you, I want to see this franchise turned around because I know what this town is like when the Browns are a winning team. The most obvious selection since Andrew Luck was taken by the Indianapolis Colts has yet to come to fruition, but even the media intent on spinning every possibility are struggling to link the Browns to anyone other than Garrett. After you get past Garrett, Allen, and Solomon Thomas, there isn't a lot. Watson, Kizer, Trubisky, Mahomes, there are many choices but many "experts" have deemed this a week draft for QB's. "We feel really good about picking at (No. 1) and I'll leave it at that". This is an important draft for us.

Berry added, "There are only so few players that walk the Earth who can play quarterback in the National Football League".

If the club seeking to trade up doesn't want to give up two picks this year, it would likely have to deal away a second-rounder this year and another second-rounder next year (in place of this year's third-rounder). Why? We just don't think that is a good way to do business over time.

Those are three players who should be able to step in and start for the Browns on Day 1, but while we're at it, why not add a fourth starter and some additional support for the secondary?

After spending time covering the NFL Combine, talking to many people that cover teams around the league, work in the league or work for players, I try to work through the smoke for nuggets of truth.

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