Katy Perry criticised for Hindu goddess post on Instagram

Katy Perry faces wrath as she posts picture of Goddess Kali

Katy Perry's "Current Mood" On Instagram Has Made Many People In India Really Unhappy!

American singer Katy Perry drew flak after she uploaded a photo of Goddess Kali on her Instagram page and captioned it, "Current Mood". Much like Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel did recently. In no time, social media users, mostly from India, flooded Pery's page with reactions and comments.

An Instagram user called Katy fanatic and a "so called singer".

Another one wrote: "She doesn't even know the story behind this picture, shame on Indians who are supporting this disgust Katy Perry did".

Another said: "We don't care about your mood....you should delete this post otherwise Indians soon change their mood." .

Another said: 'How ridiculous this? "How could you compare your mood with this", one fan wrote.

It was deemed offensive by some Indian users, who condemned the pop star for "using pics of our goddesses as memes".

Fragile sentiments continue to get offended and hate comments still pour in.

In 2010, Perry married actor Russel Brand and chose Rajasthan as the destination for her wedding.

But Indians on Instagram took to name-calling.

Most recently, CBN reported that Perry had denounced her religion of birth Christianity.

Guess we'll have to wait and watch!

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