If your PlayStation 4 breaks, you might have cockroaches to thank

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Why Are Roaches So Obsessed With The PlayStation 4?

Included with the console is a Jet Black DualShock 4 controller, HDMI cable, power cable, wired mono headset, and USB charging cable. Cockroaches are also attracted to warmth.

The PlayStation 4 will now have double the capacity but remain at the same price point.TOKYO, April 20 - An adjustment to the PlayStation 4's retail configuration means that the standard console is now shipping with a 1TB hard drive, double the size of its previous internal storage.

'The vents are large, so if the console is on the floor the roaches crawl right in there, ' said Porter. But the results are so gross Sony won't fix PS4s with roaches in them, writes Kotaku's Cecilia D'Anastasio, sending mystified owners into the arms of disgusted local fix shops. This shows just how often the shop encounters PlayStation 4 consoles that are infested with the pests. Also, the PlayStation 4 has more to offer roaches, that it is dubbed as a "roach hotel".

Also, the PS4's ventilation openings are wider, making it easy for roaches to get up in there. However, the European 1TB versions are available with game bundles.

The internal power supply of the PlayStation 4, compared to the external power supply of the Xbox One, warms up the interior of the console better, and in combination with dark and enclosed spaces, make for a ideal bug hotel for cockroaches.

A Manhattan-based console fix store told the site it has a bag full of dead cockroaches extracted from broken PS4 machines brought in by gamers.

In New York City, a notorious for cockroach haven, console fix store XCubicle exterminates the bugs from PlayStation 4's. According to Sony, the new generation console has sold about 53.4 million units since its launch in 2013. That's a great deal for anyone looking to buy one of the best consoles out there. Try to find a place to put your console that isn't the floor. Of course, keeping the PlayStation 4 and its immediate surroundings clean at all times will help keep the bugs away.

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