Future LG Smartphones Could Sport OLED Displays

Samsung Display to produce 7th-gen OLED soon: analyst

LG aims to eat into Samsung's lead in OLED

LG Electronics is now believed to be planning on using the curved OLED display for the LG V30. Things could change soon however, as a new report out of South Korea claims LG Display is getting ready to supply OLED panels for the company's new V-series phablet slated to release later this year. In fact, both LG Electronics and Xiaomi have reportedly ordered for large quantities of curved OLED display panels to be used on their upcoming smartphones.

Though the generational difference between these panels might not amount to much in terms of consumer benefit (think, something like the difference between the displays of the Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S7 Edge), the implications of Samsung establishing itself as the front-runner in 7th gen OLED production are significant. With increased production capacity, LG Display is hoping that it can supply OLED panels for Apple's iPhone models as well.

Apple reportedly does not want to exclusively rely on a single vendor, Samsung, which is having a hard time meeting growing demand for flexible panels. LG Display has been making displays for years now.

LG is now the market leader when it comes when it comes to 4K OLED televisions. As some of you might know already, Samsung is the clear leader when it comes to small OLED panels for mobile devices, holding a 95%+ market share.

Samsung Securities' analyst Jang Jeong-hoon said, "Flexible OLED has a high entry barrier". According to the source, these displays will be supplied by LG Display.

LG Display has a production line, E5, in Gumi, which is set to run in the third quarter.

Last month, an alleged picture of LG V30's front panel was spotted online that showed two holes for selfie cameras. The line is expected to be used for Xiaomi.

While LG will be using the curved display panels on its yet-to-be-announced flagship LG V30, Xiaomi is expected to use the same on the Mi Note 2 successor, possibly dubbed as Mi Note 3, Android Headlines reported. Now if this report is something to go by, we should-should see the V30 smartphones fitted with the curved displays. Google has also invested $880 million to LG Display and is now expected to use LG's OLED panels for its Pixel/Pixel XL successors that are due for release this year.

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