First female Boston Marathon runner does it again 50 years later

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"What happened on the streets of Boston 50 years ago completely changed my life and changed other people's lives", she said to CNN in a phone interview after the race. Badgered and almost battered in the process, Switzer persisted to complete the race in 1967.

Writing on Facebook after completing the 26-mile run, Switzer said: "I finished, like I did 50 years ago". Her boyfriend, Tom Miller, fearing for her safety, encouraged her to wipe the make-up off of her face.

It's been a long road to recovery for Shelby Kaplan, but her positivity helped her cross the finish line at Monday's Boston Marathon less than one year after having both of her legs run over by a vehicle. "I'm so very grateful". I had long hair, wore lipstick and eyeliner to the start line.

Miller stated that this was her fourth time completing the Boston Marathon. There hasn't been word yet on why the woman needed to be carried, but when it comes to marathons, injuries and cramping are commonplace.

The two pored through the race's entry rules - Briggs insisted that Switzer, "a card-carrying member of the (Amateur Athletic Union)", could not be a bandit and would have to register - and found nothing about gender. But nearly all sports were for men. A race official tried to push her off the course, tearing a corner from her bib. The marathon has retired only one other number in its 121-year history: No. 61 for the 61 races started by the late Johnny Kelley.

" official tried to eject me from the race simply because I was a woman".

"At about a mile and a half into the race, the press truck went by us, and they saw that I was a woman in the race wearing numbers and they began taking pictures".

Sanchez finished the grueling race in five hours, 21 minutes and 56 seconds.

Switzer completed the 2017 race in 4 hours 44 minutes, only 24 minutes slower than her performance in 1967.

"We have come a light year, really", she said.

On Patriots' Day, one South Bend Woman celebrated women's freedom by running in the iconic Boston Marathon. Now, almost half of all marathoners in the USA are women.

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