Election call likened to Hitchcock film by EU's Donald Tusk

British Prime Minister Theresa May and the Chairman of the European Union Donald Tusk meet inside 10 Downing Street

UK to have no role in location of EU agencies, says Europe

European Union leaders are expected to discuss the question of the EMA's destination at a summit on 29 April, where the EU27 member states will also finalise their joint negotiating position on Brexit.

The parliament earlier this month agreed a hard-line negotiating position which included demands for the United Kingdom to meet its financial obligations to the European Union in full and delay talks on trade until after a divorce settlement is reached.

On June 23, 2016, United Kingdom citizens-against all market expectations-voted to leave the European Union in a referendum that has commonly become referred to as Brexit.

The Prime Minister greeted Antonio Tajani with a handshake on the doorstep of Number 10, but the pair made no comment to waiting reporters.

"As part of these negotiations, the government will discuss with the European Union and member states how best to continue co-operation in the fields of banking and medicines regulation, in the best interests of both the United Kingdom and the EU".

Peter Szijjarto, speaking after meeting British Brexit Secretary David Davis, said Thursday that "a fair Brexit deal. simply can not exclude a free-trade agreement".

Welcomed @SpeakerRyan & Congressional delegation to Downing St.

Mr Tajani said he had stressed the need for Britain to provide for "a clear framework in the next month".

He said: "The message is a positive message".

Tajani said after the meeting that "we want to strengthen the citizens' rights - European citizens living in the United Kingdom and U.K. citizens living in the European Union".

Mr Tajani said he had underlined that for the parliament "this is the most important point".

Theresa May, in her formal letter to Commission president Donald Tusk, was criticised by some for seemingly suggesting the issue of British intelligence services and their role in fighting terrorism could be a bargaining chip in Brexit talks. @Europarl_EN priority is to protect the rights of citizens. It is our position.

"Therefore we must work very hard to both get a deal which works for us and works for our neighbours but also one which doesn't increase tension and animosity between the different nations in Europe".

He said the meeting had been "a good beginning".

The chief of the EU, Jean-Claude Juncker, and British PM Theresa May had a phone call on Tuesday, following May's call for early elections, said a European Commission spokesman.

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