Drake's Reputation Is Restored After Alleged Baby Mama Admits She's A Liar

Drake Pregnancy Scandal! Hot Model Accused Him of Getting Her Pregnant, Releases S1x Chats and Test Result (Photos)

Daddy Drake? Rapper under fire from alleged ex who claims she is PREGNANT with his child

Drake is making headlines again. Now, there are reports saying that he has been threatening the baby mama.

Instagram model Layla who called out Drake on Instagram for dumping her after getting pregnant lied.

In the rant, she claims that the 30-year old rapper is threatening her via texts, which she said she might share publicly as well.

She claims Drake's friend DJ Spade reached out to her after he showed Drake one of her Instagram pics - Drake was apparently real into it so Spade helped get the two in communication.

The curvaceous "mother-to-be" then wrote about her hurt feelings, and how she feels as if she has been tricked by his "good guy" persona - the likes of which have attracted ladies such as Jennifer Lopez, Serena Williams and Rihanna in the past. She even showed the passport stamps to prove the flight.

But if Drake really did get Lace pregnant and is now running in the opposite direction from her, perhaps he deserves such pointed criticism.

"Layla's Instagram handle, which she has now made private, is "@iamlaylalace", while her Snapchat username is "Laylalace18".

As you can see above, Lace goes on to say that she never shook Drake down for money and was happy to keep their relationship quiet.

In another post that's since been deleted, Lace explained that Drake is the one who pursued her, coming out of nowhere and "corrupting her f*cking life". The Instagram celebrity replied that when that happens, it would be too late as she would have made big bucks from the publicity stunt.

Within a few hours, Spade added a photo to his Instagram stories highlighting his conversation with the model.

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