Amazon rolls out chatbot tools in race to dominate voice-powered tech

In a statement Astro Group chief executive officer Datuk Rohana Rozhan said the collaboration with AWS came at the right time as the company prepared to serve the next generation of consumers

Astro inks deal with Amazon Web Services as part of its digital strategy

"Amazon Lex integrates easily into our existing applications, as well as our new cloud-native serverless architectures, enabling us to rapidly take advantage of these powerful technologies to improve and extend the capabilities we can offer our employees and customers".

But for Amazon, this isn't just about making money in the short term - the company also wants its tech to be the dominant voice computing platform. Now it's available for developers to integrate into their applications to enable conversational interfaces through voice and text.

"AWS Elemental combines deep video processing expertise with the virtually limitless resources of the cloud to power our customers' video processing workflows and give them the tools to ideal the media experience", said Keith Wymbs, chief marketing officer for AWS Elemental, in a press release. But it's a field in which the e-commerce giant is facing stiffening competition, with Microsoft and Google having platforms of their own.

The cloud computing platform now provides over 90 services such compute power, storage, content delivery, database, analytics, application services, management and more. Foremost among them were the introduction of a new container service called AWS Codestar and Amazon Lex, an artificial intelligence service for building applications. Using Amazon Lex for intent identification, our customers will quickly be able to answer their clients' questions, resulting in the ability for agents to address the more complex inquiries in a timely manner.

However, Jassy took issue with another purported trend among companies to use multiple clouds as a hedge against both lock-in and potential performance issues, following an AWS outage for a few hours last fall.

With Amazon Lex, developers can build conversational apps that parse speech or text input. It will manage the conversation to attain all the information needed from a user to complete a task, and developers can publish applications to devices, IoT gadgets, websites, or chat apps.

AWS reference customers such as Capital One, Freshdesk, Hubspot, Liberty Mutual, Ohio Health, and Vonage building on top of Amazon Lex.

The joint offering, VMware Cloud on AWS, in which VMware will support and manage, and its partners will bring to market, vSphere environments running on dedicated Amazon infrastructure, is in a "large private beta and preview happening right now", Jassy said.

For AWS customers using Redshift for structured data warehousing, Amazon Redshift Spectrum extends its capability to run SQL queries to S3 storage as well.

Amazon DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX), a fully managed, highly available, in-memory cache that can reduce Amazon DynamoDB response times from milliseconds to microseconds, even at millions of requests per second.

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