Trump begins attacking 'super Liberal Democrat' in crucial special election

If nobody finishes with more than 50 percent, the race goes to a June 20 run-off that is expected to pit Ossoff against one of the Republican hopefuls. The top two candidates will advance regardless of party.

"The recent Kansas election [Congress] was a really big media event, until the Republicans won", he tweeted. There has been a sizable early vote in this race, and so early vote totals will probably show Ossoff with a significant early lead.

Trump's approval rating, according to a new Pew Research Center survey released Monday, is 39 percent - precisely the same as two months ago.

Facing a slew of GOP candidates, Ossoff is registering the most support of any of the 18 candidates in the polls but is unlikely to receive the majority support needed to avoid a runoff.

The closely watched contest has drawn national attention as the first political bellwether of the Trump era, after the district almost split its vote between the Republican leader and Hillary Clinton in last year's presidential election.

The super Liberal Democrat in the Georgia Congressioal race tomorrow wants to protect criminals, allow illegal immigration and raise taxes! Price is now President Donald Trump's secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Polls throughout the metro Atlanta district will be open from 7 am to 7 pm, and 11Alive will be bringing you the results as they happen on Tuesday night.

"I'm concerned that the election could be decided by the influences coming from the national level and not from within Georgia", said Lisa Haussman, director of public affairs for the Fulton County Chamber of Commerce. It is one of four special elections in which a red seat is up for grabs, vacated by a Trump nominee.

As of March 29, Ossoff had raised $8.3 million and spent $6.1 million - more than double the highest amount Price spent in any one of his seven election campaigns there.

In contrast Republican candidates are relying more heavily on home-grown donations, but they're getting far fewer.

Republicans essentially concede that Democrat Jon Ossoff, a former congressional staffer, will lead Tuesday's voting.

Though he could get the most votes Tuesday, national Republicans think he would lose in June to Handel or fellow GOP candidates Bob Gray, a technology executive, or Dan Moody or Judson Hill, former state senators.

"Republican voters are not going to sit by and let this district go to a Democrat", Handel said.

Republicans have responded by criticizing Ossoff's national security credentials and framing him as someone who will fall in line with Democratic leadership in Washington, D.C.

Republicans, including a political action committee backed by House Speaker Paul Ryan, have hammered Ossoff as an unqualified liberal certain to follow orders from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, an unpopular figure in the district. His campaign manager Keenan Pontoni called the ad a "smear attack" and said it was "truly shameful". Ossoff's campaign should have been a long-shot, but organization from frustrated Democrats has helped marshal support behind him.

Handel is among the Republican candidates trying to maintain some distance from Trump, rarely discussing him unless asked. "Stop Donald Trump, a man who encourages racial and religious discrimination and sexism", Jackson says in the ad, casting the race as a chance to undermine the Republican president and throwing in "Pulp Fiction" references for good measure. "I see a lot of Ossoff yard signs on lawns of people I know usually vote Republican".

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