Daniel Cormier Retires Anthony Johnson And Retains His Title At UFC 210

After having fought and defended his title against Anthony Johnson in the main event of Saturday's UFC 210, Cormier responded to his rival's comments at the post-fight conference.

If you thought perhaps there's a chance Anthony Johnson's takedown attempts at UFC 210 were in fact part of the game plan, well, it seems clear now that wasn't the case.

The finish comes in the first round, as Johnson drills him with a pair of headkicks that send him (and his afro) whiping to the mat. That is what Cormier did when he stepped on the scale the first time at 206.2 pounds. I'm good. I feel there's no pressure on me at all right now.

Cormier (18-1) is the champion coming into the bout and looking to defend his title for the second time. "So obviously, a guy thinks that he's losing everything that he's worked for on the scale, and we just walk back off the scale and nobody even anxious about protecting me".

"You can't get rich off of dogs, bro", he said, with a smirk. Nobody's bothering me anymore.

Johnson was brought to tears as he confirmed it would be his "last fight" - although Cormier has no shortage of challengers with former titlist Jon Jones and Britain's Jimi Manuwa sat ringside.

Dana White has confirmed that Jon Jones will not be fighting in a main event when he returns to the UFC. I don't wait around. I was ready to do that for you guys.

"Don't talk to me about a guy that's ineligible", Cormier said as Jones stood cageside.

There was dead silence in the room as people were thinking the 205-pound title fight would not take place because Cormier had just missed weight.

If Johnson already had his mind on retirement, it's possible that may have influenced his decision to disregard his trainers and coaches and wrestle with Cormier, rather than keep his distance and strike with kicks and punches. If you are Johnson, you have to be upset. If he didn't hit the scale before 11:01 a.m., the fight would be in jeopardy.

"This was my last fight", Johnson said.

A fighter must not knee someone in the head if they have their hands on the ground but replays showed Weidman's hands were marginally lifted so Mousasi's devastating blows were legal and legitimate.

Hooft: Why, why the (expletive) does this happen every (expletive) time, man?

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