Once Upon a Time bosses tease musical wedding episode

Once Upon a Time

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Hook and Tiger Lily watch the lost boys dance around a fire. Snow thinks it is something she did wrong.

In Neverland, Hook finds an unlikely ally in Tiger Lily as he continues to fight for a way to get back to Emma while also surviving his latest trip to Neverland. They realize that they're on the same side. Hook manages to get his shadow to appear but can't escape the Lost Boys, so he gives the wand to his shadow and tells it to bring it to Emma. She mentions Emma. Rumple decides to help him.

Tiger Lily wants Hook to deliver a weapon to another realm. He digs his hook into the tree, covers it with sap, and conjures his shadow.

Meanwhile, Emma is also ready to be reacquainted with her lost love Hook (Colin O'Donoghue), whose whereabouts are now unknown to her, but whose might would also be useful in the fight. The black fairy tells Emma that this isn't their time to battle, she will know when it is time. When he falls asleep and Snow wakes up in his place, she responds in the same way. Snow knows it is a risk but she is willing to do it. David is sleeping. The sisters each rip out Snow and David's hearts (or heart, to be exact), and the curse is visible inside them, a murky black in the middle of the red heart pieces.

Unfortunately, the potion doesn't work. The theme of tonight's episode is the reunion of lost loves, and since the Evil Queen and Gideon (Giles Matthey) both did their worst to separate the strong couples in town, it's them (er, sorta them) who have to do something to undo their nefarious deeds. While Storybrooke is under its first curse, Snow and David find a way to be awake, but how does their decision affect their future? By the end of the day they will both be asleep.

Warning: This story contains major spoilers from Sunday's episode of Once Upon a Time.

When Emma reveals that they used the last of the pixie dust to save him, Hook asks Regina if there's any other way to wake up Snow and David.

Snow is walking through Storybrooke to deliver flowers to John Doe. He urges Regina to hurry up and break his sleeping curse. According to the Rumpel of the past, the pixie dust is triggered by two people who love each other. Elsewhere, Regina quickly realizes that Snow White has broken the curse. The town gets together to drink from the cup to break the curse while Snow and David sleep. And yes the meltynauts, the more time passes, the more Hook loses hope. She stops Rumple (Robert Carlyle) from even attempting some sort of magic by immediately pulling out the Dark One's Dagger. He explains that they've only been under the curse for 10 years, and Emma will be far too young to save them now. She claims that she won't force Rumple to do her bidding; she believes that he will do it willingly, soon. And Hook finds a way to contact Emma while in Neverland.

The Black Fairy's not ready for their big battle just yet, for some inexplicable reason, but she's still in full teasing mode and decides to have Gideon vanquish the lot of flowers right in front of the women. However, Zelena warns them that the pixie dust flowers only grow in the presence of great evil.

While the shadow isn't able to talk to tell them what's going on or where Hook is, the fact that he's got Hook's hook in tow too tells Emma and company that Hook's in trouble. Snow can't make herself go through the door, she has to let Emma become the savior. He then proposes to her again, and she eagerly says yes. The pixie flowers disappear with them. So, after taking a good glimpse of the blissfully unaware Emma Swan in her bedroom, savoring a good story in peace, they decided to make a sacrifice and put themselves back under the Evil Queen's curse so that Emma could grow up and revive everyone herself when the time was right. Waiting for the Savior in order to free the rest of their friends is the right thing to do. While Emma was a part of the show in the pilot, Hook first arrived in season 2. She cries. She needs to find out where Hook is. Instead of using the magic flower to break the sleeping curse, Snow gives Emma the potion so she can find Hook.

Emma uses the pixie dust and opens a portal to Neverland, just as the Lost Boys sentence Hook to death. One thing is certain, we are eager to discover her follow the adventures of our heroes.

In the woods, Regina tests Snow, thinking that she's awake. David wants to know where his daughter is. Regina catches on that Mary Margret is Snow. They see her in her room as a child.

The episode ends on a street corner, with Rumple approaching the Black Fairy. So, of course, there's a field of them in the woods where the Black Fairy is hanging out with Gideon.

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