Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S8 Launching In China On May 10

Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S8 Launching In China On May 10

Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S8 Launching In China On May 10

Samsung will livestream the Galaxy S8 announcement at at 11am ET on March 29, 2017.

There were several fans of Samsung who restrained themselves from buying the previous generation of the device right after the release of Samsung Galaxy S7 which was rolled out on February 21.

Initial Galaxy S8 color options leaked by Evan Blass are limited. It is now nearly certain that makers are going to show Galaxy S8 here. The S8 will boast a 5.8-inch panel, while the Galaxy S7 Edge is available with a 5.7-inch display. That puts Samsung S8 well below the speculated price of iPhone 8.

In addition, a new 8MP camera will be included on the front of the S8 which will feature autofocusing, a feature that'll probably wind up pretty useful for selfie takers and social media bloggers.

What is clear in the light of these photographs is that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will arrive with a traditional headphone connector. The three sides show that the phone will have black, grey and silver as color options. The phone is rumored to be coming in two different versions, with the second called S8 Plus. Bear in mind that these leaked prices are probably similar to what you can expect to pay in the USA after tax once converted.

Samsung was scheduled to launch its highly anticipated Galaxy S8 smartphone flagship during the Mobile World Congress.

The latest Galaxy S8 price rumors reaffirm that the device may be quite expensive; however, it may not be as expensive as originally expected. It should also help Samsung to compete against rival Apple, which is reportedly also planning to integrate facial recognition into this year's flagship new iPhone.

"As shown in the above image, the Samsung Galaxy S8, the device in the middle, is larger than the iPhone 7, which sports a 4.7" display.

The headphones also appear to come with a braided cable, instead of a conventional rubber one, which should prove to be more durable.

As far as we know, these headphones of the AKG brand would supposedly arrive along with the Galaxy S8 phones once it has been released.

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