Drake breaks Ed Sheeran's Spotify record with 76m streams in a day

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Drake fans had zero patience waiting for More Life

Drake's contemporaries who have clearly claimed top-billing in the pop strata, like Rihanna and Beyoncé, have also failed to be recognized outside of R&B, hip-hop and "urban contemporary" designations for the majority of their careers, and when they are deemed pop, they rarely win. Drake dropped a verse on Minaj's "No Frauds" earlier this month, and Minaj made a surprise appearance at a Paris date on his tour, but she isn't included here.

Drake - who has repeatedly found success with works he defined as playlists - has described "More Life" as a loose collection of tracks to bridge the gap between major releases.

"I'm off, like, mixtapes, I want to do a playlist". First premiered on OVOSound Radio, the 22 tracks play continuously like something of a party playlist. United Kingdom rapper Giggs was an interesting feature. The song is worth revisiting for both of their performances and gives some life to the playlist's subdued and often moody production. I love the way it's put together. Oddly enough sounds like the music that is always playing at H&M?

Blem: Nice lyrics, reminds me a little bit of "Controlla". What you hear is a melting pot of different Drizzys; you have the Grime sounding Drake, fake dancehall Drake, arrogant Drake, and my personal favorite, emo Drake.

"Teenage Fever" Jenny from the Block may not actually be present on the grimy breakup anthem; however, the contrast between her iconic chorus and Drake's verses offers an emotional glimpse into a relationship at its breaking point.

On "Glow", West appears to refer to his recent erratic behaviour, which included accusing other stars of trying to kill him and praising US President Donald Trump. More Life's own highlights include the sweaty island breeze of "Passionfruit" and the soothing throb of "Madiba Riddim", two potential summer hits-in-the-making. His aggression spiked in 2015 with the release of If You're Reading This It's Too Late and an explosive feud with Meek Mill that Drake clearly savored.

"Fake Love", the playlist's spiritual closer, shows that Drake still has a knack for creating R&B tunes ideal for a club or uptown bar atmosphere. I can see now why this was the single. How can we not love Drake right?

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