DEADLIEST CATCH Sig Hansen responds to daughter's molestation allegations

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Discovery Channel is standing by Sig Hansen of "Deadliest Catch" after the Alaskan crab boat captain's estranged daughter accused him of sexual abuse as a toddler. In a lawsuit filed previous year, Melissa Eckstrom contends that she suffered eating disorders, battled depression and wrestled with suicidal thoughts throughout her childhood.

Melissa Eckstrom, who is 28 years old now, is also a lawyer and she filed the documents in which she claims that her own father, now 50, molested her in 1990 after divorcing her mother. "To the contrary, the information at hand suggests that Mr. Hansen has acted in a sexually inappropriate manner toward Melissa".

"I'm a pretty plain-spoken guy, and to me, this is nothing more than a shakedown", Hansen said. Hansen - whose real name is Sigurd Jonny Hansen - called the accusations "an old fashioned shakedown".

In her legal filing, Eckstrom included a haunting drawing she allegedly did as a child as a way of explaining the abuse during a counseling session.

Melissa Eckstrom's suit includes a letter penned by Deputy Prosecutor Paul Stern in August of 1990 that reads, "This is not to suggest we do not believe the allegations".

"I have memories ... of being in a room alone with my father and crying out in pain", Eckstrom stated in the documents. The appeals court's decision could shape legal precedent in Washington for determining whether victims of alleged childhood sex abuse can pursue claims as adults, even though such abuse allegations have been adjudicated in prior civil proceedings. According to the latest Deadliest Catch rumors from Seattle PI, the case against Sig Hansen is now sitting in limbo in appeals court.

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She then recounts saying during a medical examination that "daddy puts his finger in my potty-pot, ' and telling both her grandmothers that 'daddy pottied on my leg". He is now married to his second wife, June and has adopted her two daughters.

"The sketch shows characters named "'mommy" and "daddy" and a little girl representing Eckstrom.

He claims a previous attempt at a reconciliation ended after Eckstrom and her mother said they would "go to the media" if he didn't give his daughter $300,000, after she sought help to pay for law school.

Eckstrom said that she wants her day in court to get justice for the wrong that was committed against her.

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