Andromeda Doctor's Note Gets Players a Day Off Work

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Mass Effect: Andromeda companion app debuts for iOS, Android

Thankfully, sticking with it doesn't just open the door to a rich, fantastic adventure. Mass Effect: Andromeda brings us new friends, new memories, and-most importantly-a new home. I've only played around 12 hours or so of Mass Effect: Andromeda and I'm not really enjoying myself.

Even the moment-to-moment action - the gunplay, the biotics, the movement - seems like it lacks a refinement I never considered would be missing from the fourth game in the Mass Effect series.

Pros: "Right off the bat, Andromeda earns a lot of credit for putting an imaginative sci-fi story front and center". Excerpts from reviews are posted below. If there's any genuine mystique to the idea of travelling 2.5 million lightyears to colonise another galaxy, BioWare's fourth Mass Effect smacks it over the head with a prospector's shovel and boots it out the airlock during the first few hours of play.

Mass Effect: Andromeda, much like games that came before it, features romance and relationship building while you're blasting away at the Kett. Thousands more will sit huddled around their consoles waiting for the game to unlock on their system. This can be seen in the video of a Mass Effect Andromeda playthrough on a regular PS4 without day one patch.

Conversely, if you want to opt for alternative deals, you can head over Dell where they are running their typical pre-order $25 eGift Card bonus (on top of expedited shipping).

Pros: "Andromeda compares most favorably to previous entries when the bullets and biotics start flying".

There are two versions of the game on store shelves, Standard Edition and Deluxe Edition. If a game you bought isn't up to snuff, you're not married to it - you can get a refund. Some have said that they were looking forward to the game's release but the footage of weird character faces and freakish walking animations has put them off of playing the game altogether.

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