Amazon launches Prime Now with Alexa

Samsung Galaxy S8 assistant Bixby unveiled as Alexa rival

Amazon launches Prime Now with Alexa

Now in 2017 the only logical step is for the company to merge the two together and now the company has announced that Alexa now works with Prime Now. Amazon Prime members can now order with their voice on Amazon's local delivery service.

Whether you're too ill to head to a chemist for some cold and flu medicine, or running dangerously low on snacks ahead of a party night, you can now have them brought straight to your door in a couple of hours, just by speaking to your smart speaker.

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You can now order Prime Now products for same-day delivery using Amazon Alexa.

Amazon is today expanding the capabilities of its digital assistant, Alexa, by allowing shoppers to order items through Prime Now using nothing but their voice. You'll also have to specify that you want to use the service when ordering with Alexa, asking the assistant to "order [item X] from Prime Now".

The customer skips a trip to the store and the items arrive within the next available two-hour delivery window. Tens of thousands of daily essentials and other items are available for delivery in as little as two hours, and all you have to do is say, "Alexa, order from Prime Now".

Prime today has "tens of millions" of subscribers today (Amazon doesn't give out concrete numbers), offering them a number of perks such as entertainment services like Prime Video and Prime Music, early access to certain e-books and other content, and free shipping on selected items.

Amazon's Alexa is going out on the road.

These two newest features are also a mark of how Amazon is giving Alexa a front and center place as a key interface between Amazon itself and its customers.

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