Xbox One update takes players into the Arena with custom gamerpics

Nintendo Switch won't be getting this PS4 and Xbox One game after all

DS Nintendo Switch players won't get to play this PS4 and Xbox One game after all

This update is brought up just days after Microsoft's claims that the Xbox Scorpio will offer 4K functions that are not now available on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 4 Pro edition. Microsoft is also expanding the tools for its Clubs and Looking For Group features that should make it easier to create posts and customize the look of your gamer congregation.

Xbox Scorpio is set to release on the E3 2017.

"Developers were still very much focused on providing for where the bulk of their customers are". This is perhaps the most-often-requested Xbox feature ever.

Tell us what you think in the comments section below. However, Microsoft has plans to release some teasers before the month of June as well.

It follows new reports that claim the Xbox Scorpio will offer new 4K functionality that is not now available on the PS4, or PS4 Pro. Now, your Xbox One will bring up a browser to help you log onto public Wi-Fi networks at public places like college campuses or hotels.

While this might not come as much surprise to fans, more was also revealed about the Scorpio's potential 4K abilities.

However, Microsoft is already warning that it's gonna be awhile before this feature comes to all Xbox users.

"It will also leverage HEVC for encoding 2160p, 60 frame-per-second (FPS) video for Game DVR and streaming".

As always, availability remains a raw spot for Xbox enthusiasts as Microsoft keeps selectively providing new features first to a select small group. The newer console only sports prettier graphics and faster framerates, but if this isn't exactly your thing and as long as you could play a decent 1080p experience with no ludicrous dips in framerate, Xbox One variants can get the job done and more.

That could mean everything from Game DVR support, streaming apps and Blu-Ray functionality.

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