South Korea to hold snap presidential election May 9

Acting South Korean President Hwang Kyo-ahn

South Korea Loses Its Princess and Gains an Opportunity

The country's presidential elections will take place on May 9, Interior Minister Hong Yun-sik said on Wednesday.

Prosecutors questioned two employees of the Korea Customs Service (KCS) last week, a prosecution official said Wednesday, as they began looking into allegations that local conglomerates gave kickbacks to former President Park Geun-hye and her friend in return for business favours. The special investigation team, which started the initial probe into the scandal involving Park, her inner circle and large business groups at the end of past year, was revived.

Hong made the announcement after the cabinet meeting approved the date for the election. "From now onwards, I would like to focus on the tremendous responsibility as the acting president".

Hwang had emerged in opinion polls as a top conservative candidate even though he had not declared an intention to run.

She was dismissed from her post last week when the Constitutional Court upheld her impeachment, sparking clashes that led to two people being killed.

The Constitutional Court Friday found Park had "continuously" violated the law and the constitution.

She said the dogs would continue to stay at the presidential palace until they are ready to be sent to new owners. Park will be questioned as a suspect in an abuse of power and corruption scandal.

Even after her impeachment, she remains defiant. Park told staff to take care of the dogs before leaving the Blue House on Sunday, he said. Park's attorneys said the same day that she would appear. After questioning Park, the Prosecutors are planning to consider the option of requesting a warrant for her arrest.

All of Park's co-conspirators - Choi Sun-sil, former Blue House Senior Secretary for Policy Coordination Ahn Jong-beom and former Blue House Personal Secretary Jung Ho-seong - are in jail, not to mention Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong, who is accused of giving a bribe, a comparatively mild crime. Park, as of now, is facing 13 charges in total.

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