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Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S8 could record up to 1000fps videos claims South Korean news site Naver

This battle is definitely far from over, especially that more official news on both Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6 will be available for everyone's reference. But for real, we think there's no need to fret over these initial numbers. The Galaxy S8, meanwhile, has advanced to the point where its facial recognition system is good enough to serve as security for in included mobile payments system, according to recent reports.

The South Korean electronics developing company, Samsung has been a part of the tech world ever since 1938 and has manufactured some of the premium devices.

Now, with the successful release of wireless AirPods, it is speculated that the company is planning to adopt a wireless charging technology for iPhone 8.

Like we all know that the Samsung to launch Galaxy S8 later this month.

Samsung only showed images of what the earpieces will look like, but now some real life photos courtesy of and picked up by Sammobile show a 3.5mm headphone jack, confirming the S8 won't ditch the analogue connector in favour of USB Type-C. For Samsung's 2017 release it is expected to release two phablet-sized devices.

Furthermore, the sources also shared that the Korean tech giant is now coordinating with banks to help the latter embrace and incorporate facial recognition systems within the year, in line with the smartphone's global release. It's not that the Galaxy Note 5 and Note 7 failed to attract a lot of buyers; there are just too many Galaxy Note 4 users refusing to give up their beloved phablet.

The fact that Apple is researching these particular technologies doesn't guarantee that we're going to see them in commercial products soon.

Having said this, another report from Naver also hints at an ultra slo-mo video capturing capability of the Galaxy S8's camera. It is most probably a face or picture recognition scanner. This technology has been rumored to debut on both the iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The S8 and S8 Plus devices are rumoured to be revealed in seven different colour options.

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