Jeff Bezos Pilots a Giant Robot

Jeff Bezos in the giant Method-2 robot

Jeff Bezos looks a little too happy piloting a giant mechanical robot

CEO tweeted a photo of himself testing out a giant mechanical robot suit at the company's exclusive MARS conference late Sunday night.

Add this to the growing pile of evidence the world is slowly transitioning into a sci-fi dystopia: a billionaire entrepreneur with a sideline in building space rockets has been showing off by piloting a 13-foot-tall robot. Most importantly, he's also bald and wears a mech suit eerily similar to one in Bezos' tweet.

There have been questions in the past over the robot Bezos was using, Method-2, its movement capabilities and just how genuine it is. "Kneel, peasants! (then lets out a maniacal laugh)", but that would've revealed his identity.

The Machine-Learning Automation, Robotics & Space Exploration conference, MARS for short, is a private tech conference held annually by Amazon, and is attended by experts in the fields of artificial intelligence, space exploration, and robotics.

According to Geekwire, Hankook Mirae engineers worked with a Hollywood robot designer who has been involved in such movies as Transformers, RoboCop and Terminator. Other attendees videoed the event, and Bezos can be seen waving around the robot's arms and asking: "Why do I feel so much like Sigourney Weaver?"

There has been speculation as to whether the robot can actually walk and is fully functional, but a report from from December said the manned Method-2 robot had taken its first steps. People thought it was a hoax back in December, but today's videos and images prove it's real.

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