Google Maps is getting useful parking reminders

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Google Maps is getting useful parking reminders

Keeping tabs on where you parked can be hard. However, while the location it sets will usually be good enough, you can also jot down some landmarks in a note field on the same screen as well as add a photo.

Google, meanwhile, had already introduced its own proactive parking saving feature via Google Now, but it had worked by tapping into your phone's sensors and making a determination that you had most likely parked at a given spot. This appears as a new menu option when you tap the blue dot, and will place a "P" icon on the map so you can find your way back to your spot. Three months after Apple removed the popular Google Maps from its operating system to replace it with its own mapping software, a Google Maps app has been added to the iTunes store. While remembering your parking location is something Apple Maps has done since the launch of iOS 10, Google's implementation is a bit more robust. When you park you can start a timer to count down your time left on a meter or until the garage closes, so when time's nearly out, Maps can remind you to go grab your wheels before you end up getting a ticket (or get trapped in a garage downtown all night). You'll be presented with a new menu offering to "save your parking", which lets you store all the information you need to find your vehicle again. Apple Maps includes a spot to attach notes and a photo, too.

While this is all very useful, the bummer is that none of this process is actually automated.

The beta version offers manual parking reminders.

The impact on you on the road: This is one of the most overdue features in Google Maps, so much so that even Apple has had it in its far inferior Maps app for w while. Chances are, that means it'll hit the public version soon and expand to iOS around the same time.

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