Dead Rising 4 Getting New DLC Next Month


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One of the most controversial aspects of Dead Rising 4 was the removal of the series' beloved 72-Hour Mode, where the player would have to race to do as much as they could in 72 in-game hours in order to get the best ending, in favor of a generic, linear story with interspersed cutscenes and no variation.

New abilities become opened up over the course of the new chapter, but there's an interesting new wrinkle - Frank is no longer able to recover health by eating regular food. Frank is infected and wanders the city beaten, bloody and driven only by a need to feast. When a former ally discovers him, he is written off as incurable. Today we learn that Capcom will be releasing the Frank Rising DLC on April 4th, which will be available as a standalone purchase of $9.99 or as part of the game's season pass.

Frank Rising will be coming to Xbox One and Windows 10 on 4th April for $9.99/£7.99 or as part of the Season Pass, ahead of the release of Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf further down the line. Luckily, he'll find help from an unlikely resource.

Following the release of Frank Rising will be Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf, the comical add-on that was first announced past year as being part of the game's Season Pass.

This is a pitch and putt mini-game on greens in the Willamette Mall and surrounding town. This one takes place in Willamette as well; however, you'll be playing mini golf, with some Dead Rising flair added in for good measure.

Frank West will provide his own brand of golf course commentary as players tee off. You can compete against three other players online, or you can take turns with a friend in local co-op gameplay. An official release date has not yet been announced.

Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf will be available to play via single player or up to 4-player multiplayer on Xbox Live.

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